Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Polyester Film Capacitors

Ceramic Capacitors


Flexible PCB Connectors

Circular Connectors

Optical Fiber Connectors


Signal / Power Relays

Thermal Printer

Bluetooth, Wireless LAN


DC / DC Converter

Multilayer Power Inductor

High Frequency Components


Antenna Sockets

Pin Jack / Sound Output Sockets

BNC Connectors


Board to Board Connectors

I / O Connectors

FPC / FFC Connectors


Chip Aluminum Capacitors

Chip Super Capacitors

Power Inductors


IEEE 1394 / DIN 41612 Connectors

HDMI / DVI / USB Connectors

Micro Memory Card Sockets


Terminal Blocks

Machine Pin Sockets

Press-fit Connectors


Electronic Wire and Cables

Communication Cables

Optical Components


Ceramic Chip Capacitors

Chip Resistors

Coil RF Inductors


FPC / FFC Connectors

Board to Board Connectors

Micro SD Connectors